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If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

— Albert Einstein

Sunday, July 05, 2015

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CSC 9010 - Special Topics in Computer Science - Cloud Computing This course covers: the examination of cloud infrastructures, trends in cloud computing, deploying applications "in the cloud" using virtualization and resource management, cloud security issues and access control management, and more! More...


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Senior Projects

Senior Projects 2014 2D Game Development

There are many frameworks available for iOS 2D game development such as Unity, Corona, SpriteKit, Cocos2D etc... Many people are turned off from learning these frameworks because they seem really complicated. The purpose of my project to create a couple iOS 2D games using Cocos2D and SpriteKit and perform a comparison of these two frameworks. The reason for a comparison between Cocos2D and SpriteKit is that most game on the App Store are created using Cocos2D, and on the other hand, SpriteKit is Apple's 2D game development framework that was based off Cocos2D. It would be interesting to see the pros and cons of each framework side by side. For my first iOS game - Drop Blocks! visit this link: - I used Cocos2D, it is a very simple game where blocks will move back and forth on the top of the screen and the user will tap the screen to drop the blocks. The user will be able to gain points and erase blocks if the blocks are matched with 3 or more same color blocks horizontally or vertically.

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