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The two most powerful words in any language are what if.

— Kraig Kramers

Friday, March 06, 2015

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The Villanova Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) was featured WHYY’s The Pulse. Professor Frank Klassner and Freshman Computer Science major Charles Walberg were both interviewed by WHYY's The Pulse to explore the CAVE's potential as a classroom facility. Villanova's CAVE comes courtesy of a $1.67 million National Science Foundation grant, which covers the cost of the unit, along with a $15,000 hi-resolution camera that can be used to create original content. During the interview Professor Klassner displayed a virtual model of a newly renovated lounge and study area on campus. Charles Walberg responded to his experience in the CAVE by stating, "I'm really blown away by a) how similar it looks to the room I've actually been in before, and then b) I guess, just how real it looks, how lifelike everything is." More...

This presentation is part of our department colloquium series. Everyone is invited to attend.



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Senior Projects

Senior Projects 2014 Villanova Volleyball Registration Website

Last year, the Block-It Scientists were hired to create a Villanova Volleyball Summer Camp Registration website, which allows aspiring volleyball players to sign up for a 4 day summer camp with Villanova's Head Volleyball Coach, Josh Steinbach. We initially built the site using WordPress but we have now decided to restructure the site from the ground up using some tools that are new to us such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and Twitter Boostrap. Using WordPress and some of its free plug-ins was effective, but we had to sacrifice some functionality and control in order to get our site up and running as quickly as possible. While WordPress was an outstanding tool to use for the first time around, we would like to experiment with rebuilding and redesigning the site from our own code, which in the long run, will give us more control of our site and hopefully better usability, functionality and visibility for users, administrators and developers. Along the way, we will be drawing comparisons between the two different implementations to see which version is more applicable and efficient.

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