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The ACM Student Research Competition held at the 2015 SIGCSE conference consisted of two categories of competition, graduate and undergraduate, with prizes awarded based on judging during the conference. Research from all areas of computer science qualified. Judges included professional computer scientists attending the conference activities. Students’ research was evaluated on the quality and significance of the work, and the quality and clarity of both an oral and visual presentation. The top three winners in the undergraduate and graduate categories as determined by the judges’ evaluation of the conference presentations received prizes of $500, $300, and $200, respectively. More...

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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Villanova University has selected Giorgi Japaridze, PhD, a professor of Computing Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as the recipient of its 2015 Outstanding Faculty Research Award for his scholarship in logic and computer science. The award recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates the highest standards of excellence in research, scholarship and contributions to their field. More...

The Villanova Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) was featured WHYY’s The Pulse. Professor Frank Klassner and Freshman Computer Science major Charles Walberg were both interviewed by WHYY's The Pulse to explore the CAVE's potential as a classroom facility. Villanova's CAVE comes courtesy of a $1.67 million National Science Foundation grant, which covers the cost of the unit, along with a $15,000 hi-resolution camera that can be used to create original content. During the interview Professor Klassner displayed a virtual model of a newly renovated lounge and study area on campus. Charles Walberg responded to his experience in the CAVE by stating, "I'm really blown away by a) how similar it looks to the room I've actually been in before, and then b) I guess, just how real it looks, how lifelike everything is." More...


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Senior Projects

Senior Projects 2014 Anthony DiValerio & Sang Cheon

For our Senior Project, we will be creating an interactive paint program using the Xbox 360 Kinect to control the various commands. Primarily, we will focus on working with GIMP, a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring, and/or Green Foot, an interactive Java development environment designed primarily for educational purposes at the high school and undergraduate level that allows for easy development of two-dimensional graphical applications, such as simulations and interactive games, to utilize the motion detection from the Xbox 360 Kinect to apply abstract paint functions such as splash. This will ultimately be a proof of concept and more showing how body motion can be detected to apply visual effects on a photo editing program such as GIMP. One of the main effects we would like to see is the paint splash effect on a photo with the effect intensity dependent on arm motion intensity. We would also like to further investigate other possibilities of free body motion that can be applied to our photo editing program which we believe may promote creativity.

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