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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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CSC 9010 - Special Topics in Computer Science - Cloud Computing This course covers: the examination of cloud infrastructures, trends in cloud computing, deploying applications "in the cloud" using virtualization and resource management, cloud security issues and access control management, and more! More...


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Senior Projects

Senior Projects 2014 3D Graphics Environments

As graphics scenes continue to grow in importance and complexity, it becomes increasingly challenging to efficiently select a three-dimensional object from a graphics scene. There is currently a lack of readily available information about algorithms which will allow responsiveness in graphics scenes to keep up with its intricacy. From a gaming perspective, complexity in computer graphics has increased so drastically because thousands of users can participate together in games which involve a high frequency of selecting objects from a graphics scene - situations which used to just involve one individual. Selecting three-dimensional objects from a graphics scene poses a challenge because each object exists in a native, local coordinate system which needs to eventually be realistically seen on a two-dimensional screen in order to be selected by users. We intend to begin by evaluating the theory and mathematics behind these operations. Following this analysis, our goal is to properly document an efficient picking algorithm, the type of algorithms used for selection, which will retain appropriate performance as graphical complexity continues to grow. To do this, we will evaluate the ray casting and color picking algorithms in terms of speed and accuracy and compare our results throughout different complexities. We hope to conclude that under certain conditions, regardless of user, one algorithm significantly outperforms the other.

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