Department Committees

The administration of the Villanova Department of Computing Sciences is supported by the following committees:

Participates in the peer evaluation process as defined by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Oversees the processes involved to assess our effectiveness at accomplishing our departmental objectives.
Oversees the curriculum for the undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.
Center of Excellence in Enterprise Technology (CEET) Director
Invite speakers, post announcements
Addresses issues raised under the University policy on complaints about faculty.
Oversees the process of finding suitable candidates for new faculty positions.
Coordinates our five year BS/MS programs
Manage the graduate GC course
Nominations for the many various award possibilities.
Oversees the curriculum for the graduate program leading to the Master of Science degree in Computer Science.
Oversees the curriculum for the graduate program leading to a Masters of Science degree in Software Engineering.
Oversees the department's courses that are designed for non-technical majors.
Investigates opportunities for the department to increase its contributions and impact within the Villanova community and the computing discipline at large.
Advise our chapter of the UPE Honor Society
Oversees the Villanova Computing Scholars program, including applicant evaluation.
Maintain Department Web Site and lead Web Team

College Committees

The following college committees are served by the faculty:

A sub-committee of the college's Core Curriculum committee, focused on how Math and CS are incorporated into the core curriculum.
Addresses physical plant issues related to Mendel Science Center.
Evaluates rank and tenure cases at the college level.
Advises the college concerning science and math curriculum
Formulates and maintains the college's strategic plan.
Formulates plans for college-wide recruitment, with an emphasis on creating a diverse student body.
Addresses any college-level technology issues.

University Committees

The following university committees are served by the faculty:

Oversees the academic policies for the university
Adjudicates academic integrity cases.
Addresses issues related to Falvey Library.
Evaluates the success of the Villanova Computing Scholars program.
Advise VITAL on issues related to the Sciences at Villanova

Inter-Department Committees

The following Inter-department committees are served by the faculty:

Liaise with the business analytics organizations
Liaise with CPE Department
Liaise with CPS
Liaise with Cognitive Science
Liaise with Comprehensive Science
Liaise with ICE Center
Liaise with Library
Liaise with Mathematics Department

Professional Committees

The following professional committees are served by the faculty:

Addresses educational concerns within the Association for Computing Machinery.