BSCS Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

Listed below are the objectives and related outcomes for the undergraduate program at Villanova University leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science (CS). This program is offered by the Department of Computing Sciences.

Objective 1

Graduates will display a thorough understanding of the key principles and practices of computing.


  1. Students will demonstrate understanding of the core areas of algorithms, theory of computation, operating systems, linguistics of programming languages, and architecture.
  2. Students will demonstrate proficiency in software development, including problem analysis, software design, and the use of programming languages and tools.
  3. Students will successfully apply these principles and practices to a variety of problems, including ones not previously encountered.

Objective 2

Graduates will demonstrate a firm foundation in the scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles that support the computing disciplines, and in communication.


  1. Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively.
  2. Students will have the ability to work effectively in teams.
  3. Students will successfully develop a major project.
  4. Students will understand and apply concepts of discrete and continuous mathematics.
  5. Students will understand and apply the scientific method.

Objective 3

Graduates will exhibit intellectual curiosity, mature judgment, and work for the betterment of society.


  1. Students will obtain familiarity with basic ideas and contemporary issues in the social sciences and humanities.
  2. Students will obtain an understanding of social, professional and ethical issues in computing.

Objective 4

Graduates will contribute to the computing profession.


  1. Graduates will be prepared for employment in high-technology companies that utilize their computing education.
  2. Strong graduates from the program will be prepared for good graduate programs in computing.
  3. Students will be prepared for self-directed continuing learning and staying current with technological developments.