Villanova Department of Computing Sciences

Information Science Major

The degree requirements for an Information Science major include 15 courses in computing, 2 courses in science, 3 courses in mathematics, and 1 course in either science or mathematics. The science and mathematics requirements for an Information Science major are more specific than those defined in the Enchiridion. In addition, an Information Science major must fulfill the remaining core requirements of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The sample program shows how an IS major could fulfill all of the degree requirements in a typical four year period.

The following CSC courses are required for an Information Science major:

CSC 1051 Algorithms and Data Structures I
CSC 1052 Algorithms and Data Structures II
CSC 1200 Computer Organization
CSC 1300 Discrete Structures
CSC 1600 Operating Systems
CSC 2053 Platform Based Computing
CSC 2500 Survey of Information Science
CSC 3400 Information Retrieval
CSC 4140 Theory of Information
CSC 4480 Principles of Database Systems
CSC 4700 Software Engineering
CSC 4800 Web Application Development
PHI 2180 Computer Ethics

Plus three CSC elective courses approved for the Information Science BS degree.