Approved electives for the Computer Science Minor

CSC 1600 Operating Systems
CSC 1800 Organization of Programming Languages
CSC 2053 Platform Based Computing
CSC 3080 Information Security and Protection
CSC 3400 Information Retrieval
CSC 3990 Computing Research Topics
CSC 4140 Theory of Information
CSC 4170 Theory of Computation
CSC 4181 Compiler Construction
CSC 4200 Advanced Algorithms and Complexity
CSC 4280 Parallel Algorithms and Architecture
CSC 4300 Computer Graphics
CSC 4380 Information Visualization
CSC 4490 Data Warehousing and Mining
CSC 4500 Artificial Intelligence
CSC 4510 Machine Learning
CSC 4550 Expert and Knowledge Systems
CSC 4600 Distributed Processing Systems
CSC 4630 Software Development and Systems
CSC 4700 Software Engineering
CSC 4730 Human Computer Interaction
CSC 4790 Senior Projects
CSC 4800 Web Application Development
CSC 4900 Computer Networks
CSC 5900 Seminar in Computing
CSC 5930 Topics in Computer Science
CSC 5993 Independent Study
PHI 2180 Computer Ethics