Approved electives for the M.S. in Computer Science

CSC 8470 Computer Graphics
CSC 8490 Database Systems
CSC 8500 Formal Grammars and Programming Language Theory
CSC 8505 Compiler Construction
CSC 8520 Artificial Intelligence
CSC 8530 Distributed Systems
CSC 8540 Software Engineering
CSC 8550 Concepts of Data Communications
CSC 8560 Computer Networks
CSC 8570 User/System Interface Design
CSC 8580 Network Management and Performance
CSC 8590 Advanced Software Engineering
CSC 8600 Object-Oriented Design and Programming
CSC 8610 Multimedia Technology
CSC 8700 System Programming in UNIX and C
CSC 8710 Advanced System Programming
CSC 8720 System Administration Concepts
CSC 8750 Expert Systems
CSC 8990 Graduate Computing Practicum
CSC 9010 Special Topics
CSC 9025 Grand Challenges of Computing
CSC 9030 Thesis