CSC - Course Offering Plan

(pending sufficient enrollment)

CSC1010Programming for AllYY 
CSC1020Computing and the WebY Y
CSC1035Databases for many majors YY
CSC1040Computing w/ images Y 
CSC1043Laptop Instrument even years 
CSC1051Alg. & Data Str. IYYY
CSC1052Alg. & Data Str. IIYYY
CSC1300Discrete StructuresYYY
CSC1600Operating SystemsY  
CSC1700Analysis of AlgorithmsYY 
CSC1800Organization of Programming LanguagesY  
CSC1930Exploring Computer Science topics vary 
CSC2014Java BootcampYYY
CSC2020Web Development & Technology Y 
CSC2053Platform based computingYY 
PHI2180Computer Ethics Y 
CSC2300Statistics for CS Y 
MSE2400Mendel Science ExperienceYY 
CSC2400Computer Systems IYYY
CSC2405Computer Systems II Y 
CSC2500Survey of Inf. Sci. odd years 
CSC3070Emerging Tech Trendsfast forward course  
CSC3080Info Security & Protect Y 
CSC3150Game Development Y 
CSC3300Linear Algebra for Computing Y 
CSC3400Information Retrievalodd years  
BIO3955Bioinformaticseven years  
BIO3955Info of Cell Signaling odd years 
CSC4140Theory of Informationeven years  
CSC4170Theory of ComputationY  
CSC4181Compiler Construction Y 
CSC4280Parallel Algorithms & Architectureseven years  
CSC4300Computer GraphicsY  
CSC4380Information VisualizationY (skip F17)  
CSC4450Digital ForensicsY  
CSC4480Principles of Database systemsYY 
CSC4490Data Warehousing & MiningY (skip F17)  
CSC4500Artificial Intelligence Y 
CSC4510Machine LearningY  
CSC4598Machine Translationeven years  
CSC4630Software Development & Systems odd years 
CSC4700Software Engineering Y 
CSC4710Information Systems Project Managementfast forward course  
CSC4730Human Computer Interactionodd years  
CSC4790Senior ProjectsY  
CSC4797Information Systems Capstone Y 
CSC4800Web App Development Y 
CSC4900Networkseven years  
CSC5930Topics in CStopics varytopics vary