Villanova Department of Computing Sciences

CSC Colloquium: Arjun Narayan

Differentially Private JOIN Queries over Distributed Databases

Time: Monday, March 25, 2013 at 04:30 PM
Location: Mendel Science Center 115


In this talk, I discuss the problem of answering queries about private data that is spread across multiple different databases. For instance, a medical researcher may want to study a possible correlation between travel patterns and certain types of illnesses. The necessary information exists today – e.g., in airline reservation systems and hospital records – but it is maintained by two separate companies who are prevented by law from sharing this information with each other, or with a third party. I will introduce Differential Privacy, a theoretical framework for reasoning about the privacy guarantees we want to achieve, and present an algorithm and system for answering such queries in a distributed, differentially private setting.

Speaker Bio:

Arjun Narayan, University of Pennsylvania - Computer and Information Science Department

Arjun Narayan is a 3rd year PhD Student. His research focuses on privacy in distributed systems. He is advised by Andreas Haeberlen at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, he received a B.A. in Computer Science and Economics in 2010 from Williams College.

Refreshments will be served in MSC 159 after the talk.