Course Information

CSC 3990: Computing Research Topics

Credits: 3 Level: undergraduate


Centered around the development of a research project in one of several selected computing topics. Experimentation, data collection, literature review. Standard for written presentation of information. Reports of progress required of all students.

Course Outcomes:
  • Students will critically read and synthesize research papers.

  • Students will critically survey the literature on a research topic.

  • Students will critically analyze existing solutions to a research problem.

  • Students will write a literature survey on a computer science research topic.

  • Students will demonstrate an ability to formulate research questions.

  • Students will demonstrate an ability to find, retrieve and apply computer knowledge as needed.

  • Students will successfully develop and write a research plan.

  • Students will write a research proposal on an open computer science research problem.

  • Students will produce regular progress reports on research project status.

  • Students will demonstrate an ability to give good technical presentations.

  • Students will produce a research proposal to an open computer science research problem, or a conference-style research paper that combines literature survey, experimental design and evaluation, and which will be submitted to a computer science conference.

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of research ethics and responsible conduct in research.


CSC 2053