CSC 9025 Grand Challenges - Evaluation

Your advisor is solely responsible for assigning your grade for the Grand Challenges (GC) course. Your advisor must report those grades to the GC Coordinator no later than the beginning of final exams. Therefore, advisors need time to carefully evaluate the project materials and read the final report, and often insist on having two weeks to do so. However, the specific deadline for getting your materials to your advisor can be worked out between the two of you.

Some general guidelines for GC grading are:

  • A: Excellent published or publication-ready work (conference paper ready to submit, poster session, colloquium presentation, Technical Report posted, web site posted for download or interactive online use for software development projects). Significant synthesis of information AND independent discovery. Demonstration of significant learning through exceptionally written report.
  • A-: Very good work with the possibility of publication in the near future (same publication outlets as for A). Demonstration of significant learning through well written report.
  • B+, B: A solid project, completed with good communication through out with a well written report demonstrating learning.
  • B-: An acceptable project, albeit with some short comings for example late delivery, poor communication, or reduced scope.
  • C: A disappointing project, sufficient enough for stating that the student has completed the course but lacking in quality

There is no good reason for a GC project to receive a poor grade, but unfortunately it happens all the time. There are three main problems students have regarding IS projects that result in low/failing grades:

  • Procrastination
  • Not keeping their advisor informed
  • Violating academic integrity
Be careful you do not fall into any of those traps.