Villanova Department of Computing Sciences

National Computer Science Education Week

Posted: 2010/11/28

Congress is raising the awareness of computer science by designating the week of December 5th as "National Computer Science Education Week."  Citing computer sciences as a transforming industry that increases technological innovation and economic growth, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution that requests policymakes and educators take action to improve computer science education at all levels, encouraging interest and increasing participation in the field.

This particular week in December was chosen to honor Grace Hopper, one of the top leaders in the field of computer science who established new programming languages and set standards for computer systems. She was born December, 9, 1906.

The Computer Science Department is commemorating this week with several CS oriented events.

  • We will host a small group of students from Julia DeBurgos middle school as part of a project wherein we partner with this school to increase their proper use and maintenance of computer systems. See here for photos of this event.
  • Tuesday, December 6th, through Thursday, December 8th, the ACM computing student organization will host a table in the lobby of the Connelly Center that provides information about computer science education in general and in particular about majoring, minoring, or just taking courses in computing at Villanova.
  • We will include a brief blurb in the department newsletter which is going to print next week, probably as part of the “Message from the Chair”.
  • Students from the Systems course will "Renumber" the rooms in Mendel using binary. The new signs will include a mention that it is CS Education week.
  • In many classes (Computing and the Web, Computing with Images, Databases for Beginners, Web Development and Technologies) students are demonstrating their semester projects.
  • In particular, the CS majors in our capstone Senior Projects and our junior level Research Topics courses will be presenting their projects from 11:30 am till 1:30 pm on Friday, 12/10, in MSC 156 and 158 .. refreshments will be provided.





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