Advising Teams

The Department of Computing Sciences provides a team of academic advisors for each class level (see below). Students work with the same advising team throughout their years here at Villanova. This approach allows the advisors to learn the needs and situations of individual students effectively.

Students may visit any member of their advising team, and are encouraged to do so whenever questions arise regarding course requirements, transfer credit, academic challenges, career counseling, or graduate school.

Students will meet with an advisor at least once each semester to plan the next semester's courses and receive the Registration Code that will allow them to register for classes through Novasis.

Advising Teams:

Class of 2022

Dr. Robert E. Beck MSC 292-A
Dr. Anany Levitin MSC 162-B
Dr. Thomas P. Way MSC 160-A

Class of 2021

Dr. Mary Angela Papalaskari MSC 162-C
Dr. Edward Kim MSC 167-B
Dr. Mirela Damian MSC 167-A

Class of 2020

Dr. Frank Klassner MSC 160-C
Dr. Benjamin R. Mitchell MSC 165-B
Ms. Kristin Erica Obermyer MSC 292-B

Class of 2019

Dr. Henry L. Carter MSC 162-A
Dr. Giorgi Japaridze MSC 165-A
Ms. Barbara Hoffman Zimmerman MSC 160-B

Part Time Students

Ms. Barbara Hoffman Zimmerman MSC 160-B

CS Minors

Dr. Lillian Cassel MSC 161-A

Graduate Students

Dr. Vijay Gehlot MSC 161-B


Dr. Lillian Cassel MSC 161-A